The 2 & 4 Gigabyte issue with avi files

There seems to be a lot of confusion around this topic. I put that page online in the hope to clear things up. There are two limiting factors which are important to understand the limit. First off the avi file format by itself and second the filesystem on which the files are stored. Below you find some infromation about each of these limiting factors.

Out of the above you see that NTFS formatted filesystems onto which OpenDML 1.02 compliant avi files are stored don't have any limits size wise.

Since NTFS is only available with Windows NT or W2K and better you see that you need NT, W2K or any of the later Windows versions as the operating system and that you also need OpenDML 1.02 compliant software. In general this is true for DirectShow based software, but it might be also true for other software which uses it's own code to read and write avi files. A good example of the latter is VirtualDub.

Another common way to work around the 2/4GB limit is to use software which can work on a series of seamless avi files. This is having the advantage that yon don't need Windows NT/W2K or newer and or that you can work with FAT32 partitions which sometimes comes in handy. AVI_IO is an example of software which can do this.